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Fun Stuff

There are always new and exciting things going on in our office. Call us today to learn about our current contests and events! We love our patients and want to ensure that your entire experience here at Lisa Grant Orthodontics is amazing.

Below is our video of our recent Back To School Bash! We had a wonderful afternoon spending time with our patients and their families. Thanks to everyone who participated! To learn about and participate in more fun events like this, contact us today.


Fitness & Nutrition by the Numbers


@Franciscan Fitness Center

Did your New Year’s resolution include fitness or nutrition goals? We made it a family affair and took a mathematical approach! Homewood Science Center partnered with Franciscan Fitness Center in presenting PopUp SCIENCE “Fitness & Nutrition by the Numbers: A Mathematical Approach to Family Wellness”

Families went hands-on with numbers and nutrition labels, investigated sugar shocking facts with our sponsor Lisa Grant Orthodontics, measured the amount of water your body needs on a daily basis, and decorated a MyPlate to take home Franciscan Fitness Center had families moving with indoor exercise including a family fitness obstacle course and family yoga workshops.


Fitness & Nutrition by the Numbers

fitness-center-lisa-grant grant-ortho-fitness-center-fun-stuff grant-ortho-fitness-fun-stuff
grant-ortho-fitness-nutrition-event grant-ortho-fitness-nutrition-fun-stuff
Debands border

Candy Buy Back for Operation Gratitude 2016

img_3189 img_0223 img_0229
img_0230 img_0234 img_0242
img_0244 img_0245 img_0248
img_0255 img_0259 img_0260
img_0261 img_0265 img_0270
img_0273 img_0274 img_0256
Charity Sponsorships border

Fund Run 2016

img_9756 img_9757 img_9760
img_9763 img_9764 img_9766
img_9768 img_9767
Halloween border

Halloween 2016

img_0202 img_0210 img_0218
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Ice Cream Party 2016

img_8906 img_8908 img_8913
img_8915 img_8916 img_8917
img_8919 img_8920 img_8922
img_8923 img_8926 img_8928
img_8932 img_8936 img_8939
img_8940 img_8941 img_8943
img_8957 img_8958 img_8965
img_8970 img_8971 img_8973
img_8980 img_8981 img_8983
img_8984 img_8990 img_9048
img_9049 img_9052 img_9053
img_9055 img_9056 img_9059
img_9061 img_9062
Baseball Sponsorships border

Pizza Party for Softball Teams 2016

img_8418 img_8422 img_8423
img_8424 img_8426 img_8427
img_8429 img_8430 img_8431
img_8432 img_8433 img_8434
img_8435 img_8436 img_8438
img_8439 img_8428 img_8437
Halloween border

Halloweentown At Lisa Grant Orthodontics

IMG-2343 IMG-2348 IMG-2349
IMG-2350 IMG-2351 IMG-5670
Ladies Appreciation Night border

Ladies Night Patient Appreciation

IMG-2343 IMG-2348 IMG-2349
IMG-2350 IMG-2351 IMG-5670
Baseball Sponsorships border

Our Little League Baseball Sponsorships

IMG-2343 IMG-2348 IMG-2349
IMG-2350 IMG-2351 IMG-5670
Charity Sponsorships border

Our Local Charity Involvement

IMG-2348 IMG-2349 IMG-2350
IMG-2351 IMG-5670 IMG-2343
Debands border

Deband Days

IMG-5670 IMG-5670 IMG-2343
IMG-2348 IMG-2349 IMG-2350
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Ice Cream Treats For Dentist Referrals

img_8974 IMG-2343 IMG-2348
IMG-2349 IMG-2350 IMG-2351
IMG-5670 img_8945


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