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Children often have gapping between the teeth as their permanent teeth erupt. This is a common pediatric orthodontic concern that can be treated with braces. Closing the gap (or gaps) may be the only reason you need braces. Known formally as diastema, gaps in teeth can cause self-consciousness and dental issues. If your child has gaps they want to close, our orthodontist near Flossmoor, IL, can help!

How Can Braces Fix Gaps?

Fortunately, braces are a great option when trying to close gapped teeth. The basic function of braces applies to gaps. Braces simply pull the teeth together using the tension of the wire, effectively closing the space. Treatment options that can be considered to close gaps include metal braces and clear braces.

Your preferred option should be able to easily get your child the smile they want! Talk to our orthodontist about your desired treatment.

What Causes Gaps?

Much of the time, the causes of gaps are hereditary and are formed by the structure of your mouth. They can also be caused by certain inherited disorders that affect the jaw and influence teeth eruption. However, specific causes have also been identified, such as missing teeth, thumb sucking, crowding of the teeth, and teeth that are different sizes. Paying close attention to these issues and beginning treatment quickly will provide the best outcome for your child.

Do Gaps Cause Problems?

Yes. There are dental risks associated with gaps. While you may focus on the aesthetics, for the most part, gaps can also damage your child’s gums. In between the teeth, there is an exposed section of gum that can be damaged by biting too hard or getting food stuck in between the teeth. It’s best for your child’s gum health to close the gap and protect their gums.

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