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You might be wondering if traditional braces are a good fit for your child’s needs. For most children who meet the criteria and are recommended for orthodontic treatment, traditional metal braces are a great choice and can prevent future dental problems. Our orthodontist near Flossmoor, IL, will explain more considerations here.


Severe misalignments or jaw abnormalities generally require traditional braces. Traditional braces utilize brackets and wires to move the teeth into their correct positions and are extremely effective, smaller, and more comfortable than ever before. You can rest assured that this treatment will adjust your child’s teeth perfectly and give them a straight smile, which can help prevent teeth grinding, cavities, fix abnormal facial appearances, and can even improve breathing!

Wide Applications

Traditional braces have a wide variety of applications — they are a tried-and-true method, both for simple cases of crooked or gapped teeth to more complex cases involving underbites, overjets, and severely crooked teeth. No matter what your child’s needs are, traditional metal braces will most likely be able to address them. You will be able to choose between regular metal brackets and more discreet options, such as ceramic braces. Our orthodontist will help you choose the perfect solution!

Care & Compliance

Your child will have to avoid hard, chewy, and sticky foods while they undergo treatment with braces. It’s also critical that they brush and floss frequently to avoid bacteria buildup around the brackets. Additionally, regular checkups and adjustments will be necessary to get the best results!

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