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Children and teenagers generally view braces as a step toward improved self-esteem and freedom. However, others may be worried about the process of getting braces and what treatment entails. Here’s an outline of what you and your child can expect when they come in to be evaluated for orthodontic treatment. Our orthodontist near Flossmoor, IL, explains more here.

Causes of Orthodontic Abnormalities

Many abnormalities are caused by genetic factors and the teeth simply grow in crooked, overlapped, or misaligned. If you or your family members have had braces, it’s likely that your child will need them, too. However, there are other causes, such as losing baby teeth too soon, thumb sucking, accidents, and injuries to the jaw.

Does My Child Need Braces?

If your child has difficulty speaking and chewing, they may be in need of braces. Signs that your child could benefit from braces include:

  • Having crooked teeth
  • Overlapping or overcrowded teeth
  • A “bad bite” (malocclusion)
  • Overbite or underbite (jaws that overlap incorrectly)

Our orthodontist will be able to detect early problems and determine if your child will need orthodontic treatment in the future. Depending on your child’s case, they may recommend traditional metal braces as early treatment, a spacer to adjust misaligned jaws or the removal of extra teeth.

After Your Child Gets Braces

If your child does need braces, they will have to visit the orthodontist every few weeks for adjustments. While they are undergoing treatment, they will need to avoid hard, sticky, and chewy foods, and maintain excellent oral hygiene to prevent tooth decay.

Their treatment timeline is unique and depends on how severe their orthodontic problems are, but it averages around 2 years. Following successful treatment, your child will need a retainer to keep their teeth in place. After treatment is complete, your child will have a happy, healthy smile!

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