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Homewood, IL’s Favorite Orthodontist For Braces

Taja-S I have been apart of this family for almost 2 years now and the first day it already felt like home. The warm smiles they give makes you feel so comfortable. The service is amazing no long waits as soon as you walk in they are willing to start on fixing your teeth. They bring so much joy, laughter, and love to everyone and even themselves. They even wish you happy birthdays and or just random cards to check on their patients. I enjoy this place a lot it’s like home and if you, your family, or friends are interested and deciding on getting braces and having the best customer service Lisa Grant Orthodontics will be the best place for you because it was the best place for me.

best orland park il orthodontistTaja S.

Juliana-G I’m not the one that went to LGO, but my only grandchild, Fidel Salinas Jr had braces put on there and he is the most handsome, straight teethed 15 yr old ever !!! Lol Everybody was so good to him there and he got the biggest kick out of the gifts and gadgets in the beautiful teal blue’s his favorite color, he STILL says. First time I ever have seen a kid, so excited about going to dental appts. Even his mom, Sonia used to look forward to going. Thank you!

best orland park il orthodontist
Juliana G.

Terre-W If I was asked personally how to rate LGO it would top the scale at a strong 10 but 5 stars is the highest I can go I have NEVER been to a more comfortable and energetic place. I trust them when it comes to my dental care and I believe I might just keep finding a reason to come back even when it’s time for my braces to come off.

best orland park il orthodontist
Terre W.

Ayo-A I have been a client for about 2 1/2 years at Lisa Grant Orthodontics and I am always greeted with a warm smile and excellent service. On top of that, my last experience was great. I had recently lost my retainers (top and bottom) because my cat dropped them down the air vent; but during my last visit, Brenna really helped me out and I was able to get new retainers to be ready the next day. Lisa Grant Orthodontics is great and I highly recommend them to anyone who needs braces.

best orland park il orthodontist
Ayo A.

whitney-fEveryone should smile! We check out our smiles in pictures and in the mirror. Our kids perfect their smiles with millions of selfies, braces flashing and all! My friends and I have notices that as we are getting older our teeth are shifting. Just another wonderful surprise of again! Once I noticed the shift in my teeth it was all I could focus on! Although I exude confidence there was not a chance in the work I was going to rock the silver-metal-mouth-rainbow-colored-rubber-bands-look of my kids! BUT I wanted my teeth fixed. Dr. Grant’s solution…Invisalign.

I am a fan and have encouraged family, friends and HUSBAND alike to “go for it!”

My experience with Invisalign has been great. Visiting Dr. Grant’s office is unlike any other experience. I actually feel like I’m visiting friends. First I enjoy a quick cup of coffee, while checking in with the front desk staff, who remember to ask about each and everyone of my kids by name. Then I am quickly brought to the exam area where everyone is unbelievably friendly and again remembers everything about everyone in my family. The process begins with preparing molds to create the multiple aligners that will be worn throughout the process. Very brief checks continue every 6-8 weeks to make sure you’re on track (they will know if you are not wearing them so don’t event think if cheating!) 15 months later I have perfect teeth and I love showing off my smile!

best orland park il orthodontistWhitney F.

From the moment I walked in to check out the office prior to becoming a patient, I felt the warmth and care of the staff. The office is beautiful & clean and the friendly staff make the experience even more enjoyable. The care and dedication is exceptional, they actually take the time to know their patients and show they care. I also have two of my children coming and looking forward to getting my youngest started soon. Thank you Dr Grant and the team for helping to make our smiles great!!

best homewood il orthodontistRachel M.

My first experience with Lisa Grant Orthodontics was over fifteen years ago, and it was a very positive one. So obviously, when I needed the services of an orthodontist again, I immediately thought of her. The quality of her work is excellent and the price is affordable. I’m so glad I sought her out again. She has moved her office since I was and initial patient and everything at her new office is first class. I would highly recommend anyone seeking the services of an orthodontist go check out Lisa Grant Orthodontics. I guarantee you; you will not be disappointed with your decision. All the staff, from the reception area when you first walk in the door to the dental staff, everyone is always friendly and prompt. But the most important thing about her office is the quality of her work. When the braces come off, you look great. Your teeth are completely straight and you have a beautiful smile. If you want a beautiful smile, Lisa Grant Orthodontics is where you want to go.

best homewood il orthodontistShirley T.

My experience at Lisa Grant Orthodontics has been simply amazing! What a great staff, from the front counter to the team handling daily services related to braces. I began my journey initially with Invisalign at a different facility. I was not terribly comfortable with Invisalign nor the service provider. At the recommendation of a close friend, I visited Lisa Grant Orthodontics, and never looked back from that day on. Now, my husband and daughter had braces from here, I just finished and my son is next in line. The customer service experience alone is worth every penny, this is the type of service that should be duplicated. Thank you to the entire staff for consistent high quality service and an ultra pleasant experience.

best homewood il orthodontistSarah D.

LOVE you ladies! Always such a sincere interest in my teenager (outside of just the orthodontics)! Such kind ways to make these children feel special! NEVER a problem with visit times or scheduling issues. Just awesome stuff here!

best homewood il orthodontistTracey

When we chose to begin treatment with Lisa Grant it was because of your great scheduling. It never got in the way of school. If my friends asked about Lisa Grant i would tell them how great and efficient Lisa Grant’s services are. My Favorite part about Lisa Grant is that its always a comfortable experience and I’m never unhappy with their service. The most life changing part of my treatment at Lisa Grant Orthodontics is the final product of my 2 years with braces. I am very happy with the way my teeth turned out.

best homewood il orthodontistAmari P

The overall experience was a big factor in choosing Lisa Grant Orthodontics. This is the best place, very organized, work with your schedule and the staff was outstanding! The good energy and positive vibes was my favorite part of coming to Lisa Grant Orthodontics. Seeing the results of the work from my braces and the progress overtime, very happy with my final results. Thank you very much!

best homewood il orthodontistTajai D.

The office staff are so helpful and accommodating so far. We have been made to feel very comfortable. Scheduling has been easy and meets our needs well. The recommendations given to us for my son have been surprisingly different from that we received at other consultations, and we are very excited for my son to start the Invisalign treatment. Though not our first concern, the price for treatment is very fair and competitive with wonderful payment schedules available at no additional cost.

best homewood il orthodontistTracey G.

From day 1 since my daughter started with Lisa Grant we have been very pleased. Always friendly and happy staff.

best homewood il orthodontistLaura B.

If you are looking for an office that offers modern technology with compassionate care, look no further. You are immediately greeted with a warm smile. Robin takes the time and does her best to fit your needs. Lisa is patient and explains everything. I was afraid to take the step in the door, due to bad experiences with other dentists. I left with a smile. This is a judgement free zone. What are you waiting for? Give them a call today to schedule an appointment today. You won’t regret it.

best homewood il orthodontistAbigail K.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Dr.Lisa, Dr. Kristie & all the staff at Lisa Grant Orthodontics! Here is just one example of why THEY ROCK… A few weeks ago, our son received a personalized, handwritten note from the doctors and staff congratulating him on making the High Honor Roll at his high school. The only way they would have known that is by reading the newsletter the school sends to the community each month. Wow! Extra effort like that matters and doesn’t go unnoticed. You guys are AWESOME!

best homewood il orthodontistLeah L.

My experience was extremely professional, friendly and the staff do an amazing job making you feel welcome. Lisa Grant and staff not only do braces, they offer state of the art equipment, flexible hours, gifts and so much more. If you’re looking for braces, please visit Lisa Grant office and I assure you , you won’t look no further. #Newclient

best homewood il orthodontistSuten W.

Dr. Grant, Thank you for the lovely Mother’s Day gift! Your attention to detail is amazing, both clinically and customer service. You and your staff truly have a way of making your patients and their family’s feel special. Thanks again.

best homewood il orthodontistLottie P.

Very friendly and inviting staff. They always greet us upon entering the office, answers all questions posed, and work with us as far as scheduling our appointments.

best homewood il orthodontistNatalie H.

I’ve yet to come in to a orthodontics office that gives the type of service that Lisa grants office have provided for me, I was very pleased with the service from the front desk receptionist to the assistant Robin she was the absolute best! The experience was so great that I will definitely recommend to everyone I know. I would love to work for this office even if it’s as a greeter because the staff makes you feel that great!

best homewood il orthodontistKelli H.

Every time I come in, I instantly get a feeling of a friendly environment. Everyone makes me feel like family especially Brenna. She always knows how to make me smile and she always has a good story or a great joke to tell.

best homewood il orthodontistRobert S.

Every time I bring my daughter into Dr. Grant’s office, we are met with cheerful, extremely attentive people. This past visit, we were greeted by Kathi! We never have to wait and my daughter is always in and out in an extremely reasonable amount of time. Everything regarding her care is always explained to us thoroughly. I am always recommending your office to anyone who asks about orthodontics.

best homewood il orthodontistMaura F.

I absolutely LOVE Lisa Grant Orthodontics!! Everyone in the office is super friendly and the gifts are amazing. It’s a great experience!!

best homewood il orthodontistOlivia S.

My son is currently a patient and he has been coming in for the past year. We can’t say how wonderful the staff is and how welcome they make him feel and try to make it as painless as possible. We are always greeted with a warm smile, particularly from Kathi Hilgen and she has been so helpful and caring during his process and is always so accommodating.

best homewood il orthodontistCarrie R.

The staff at Lisa Grant Orthodontics are very polite and helpful! They always have a smile on their faces when we walk in and always greet me! We drive 1 hr and 30 mins to Lisa Grant and it’s all worth it! 5 of 5 stars!

best homewood il orthodontistCameron K.

When I chose to begin treatment I was worried about pain, length of time and scheduling appointments. If any of my friends asked me about Lisa Grant Orthodontics I would say that they should choose to go there because they work very fast and you’ll have a great time every time you are there. My favorite part of coming to Lisa Grant Orthodontics is being very comfortable in there to the point where I can catch up on sleep. The most life changing part at Lisa Grant Orthodontics was feeling more confident with my smile.

best homewood il orthodontistElijah M.

Michael was the first person in our family to need braces and we didn’t know what to expect. Lisa Grant orthodontics went above and beyond in customer service. Lisa Grant allowed Michaels two-year-old sister to go with Michael and the staff was full of kindness towards her. Throughout our service with Lisa Grant, the entire staff has treated us like royalty. We recommend Lisa Grant Orthodontics to anyone who needs orthodontic treatment. Michael Loves his new smile!

P.S. Little sister wants to be an orthodontist when she grows up.

best homewood il orthodontistAmy E.

The excitement of getting my braces off at Lisa Grant Orthodontics was surreal. Lisa Grant and her team are the most professional, friendly and organized office I have ever experienced. They make you feel welcome every visit. Not once did I have to wait more than 5 minutes for them to check my braces. Now, with my beautiful smile I am able to be confident with myself. I used to find every single possible way to hide my smile, but now all I want to do is show off my perfect teeth. The orthodontic treatment at Lisa Grant is well worth every cent!

best homewood il orthodontistBeau S.

I really loved the environment that is why I chose Lisa Grant. It is a really nice place, the people are friendly and they are very helpful when problems occur. My favorite part was choosing what color rubber bands I wanted. I now have a beautiful smile thanks to them.

best homewood il orthodontistAyanna W.

We initially chose Lisa Grant Orthodontics for the convenient location, but we quickly realized it is so much more! From working with us on insurance and financing to making sure we had every question answered each step of the way, we knew we were in the right place. We’re welcomed immediately upon walking through the doors and know Patrick is being well cared for. His smile speaks for itself- and for Lisa Grant Orthodontics!

best homewood il orthodontistPamela S.

My biggest concern was pain and scheduling appointments there was no pain at all just a little pressure. They were very clean and careful with my teeth and scheduling appointments was a breeze! It was a big change School pictures will be better! The compliments started immediately! And the staff is full of wonderful people! I would recommend Lisa Grant Orthodontics for their wonderful service ( a.k.a Brenna, etc.) Painless work towards getting your teeth straight, great pricing an all together great experience with great orthodontists!

best homewood il orthodontistJonathan C.: Alecia

My biggest fear was pain and not being able to eat certain foods. I no longer worried about pain and learned to go without certain foods. Now my smile is the first thing that people point out to me. I would recommend Lisa Grant Orthodontics because the staff is nice, you always feel welcomed and pain is the last thing that comes to mind when I come to Lisa grant Orthodontics.

best homewood il orthodontistIyonda G. (for Neamiah)

Length of time was a big deal for me. I was told ahead of time what to expect so that made it a lot better for me. I love my smile. Lisa Grant Orthodontics is clean, welcoming and they know how to work well with you schedule. Those are the top reasons to pick Lisa Grant.

best homewood il orthodontistAnshanette T.

Thanks to Dr. Grant and her awesome staff, my teeth look great. My before and after is unbelievable. I am really sad to leave because I won’t be able to see your lovely smiles and caring personalities- you rock!

best homewood il orthodontistTammy B.

Our experience at Lisa Grant has been wonderful. We have felt welcomed every step of the way. All the little extras such as raffles and contests have been fun and having the Keurig machine was a great plus for a busy mom. We loved pulling into the reserved spot to get her braces off and enjoyed receiving our “ Day Off” cup of treats and flowers for mom! The appointments were easy to schedule and the time Natalie wore her braces went by quickly. Many thanks for helping Natalie achieve a beautiful smile.

best homewood il orthodontistJulie D. (for Natalie)

To whom it may concern,

My name is Felicia Russell and my children have been patients of Dr. Grant’s for the last 3 ½ / 4 years. My youngest just got her braces removed and now that I am nearing the end of our time here at, Lisa Grant Orthodontics, I am compelled to discuss our experience. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Grant and her staff. All of the ladies that work here are so warm, friendly, and a receptive team! I know I’m writing this during the holidays when people tend to be more joyous and kind, but please know it feels like Christmas every day at Dr. Grant’s office. You go in and come out feeling that customer service is a priority with this group. Her state-of-the-art office is always clean and meticulously maintained.

My son and daughter have both had an exceptional experience. The quality of work done on their teeth has contributed to their “award-winning” smile! People complement them all the time on their perfectly straight teeth. I am happy and extremely pleased that I chose this office for my children’s orthodontic care. Some people have anxiety going to the orthodontist because they associate it with pain and an overall unpleasant experience; however, my children have always been well taken care of and comfortable when coming to Dr. Grant. Dr. Grant is so approachable. She is easy to talk to and takes time to listen. She is genuinely concerned and remembers specific stories so you feel a personal connection. At Lisa Grant Orthodontics it’s easy to feel like you’re not just a patient. Dr. Grant has always delivered personalized care for each one of my children.

I have also found that she truly practices “giving back”. She gives to the patient, community, parents, and people in need. I have seen her giving at the local community fairs, she gives to her patients by having cookouts and an ice cream social/pizza party, she gives to the moms by having Mom’s Night Out at the local Country Club and Customer Appreciate Day! She also gives orthodontic services to the less fortunate! Lisa Grant is an orthodontist who is dedicated to giving great care to all! Thanks Dr. Grant, the Russell’s appreciate you!

King Regards,
best homewood il orthodontist

Felica Russell

michelle-mcmanus-lisa-grant-reviewCongratulations Emma on getting your braces off. You look awesome! Thank you Laurie Soeka for a fantastic job on removing them and to Dr. Lisa Grant Orthodontics for the best job ever! You and your staff are not only the most professional but also the friendliest, accommodating, and hippest office I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait for Sarah to start in January.
Everyone needs to visit Lisa Grant Orthodontics in Homewood. It is unbelievable. And thank you for the beautiful flowers. I LOVE them.

best homewood il orthodontistMichelle McManus

When Jamal started this process we were a little worried that it was no hope for his mouth, this was going to be really costly and no results. Jamal never smiled because he was ashamed of his mouth. During the process we started seeing changes and we was so happy, but still not sure. Well Jamal braces were removed and OMG he looked like a brand brand straight teeth dude. He is smiling and he can’t believe the results. Thank you so much. We already been telling people about Lisa she did a miracle.

best homewood il orthodontistJamal O.

Before I had braces I was concerned that there were things that they might not be able to fix and that the schedule times wouldn’t work with my schedule. Once I started at Lisa Grant’s office I was amazed at how quickly my teeth were moved into place and the office always had a schedule that worked for me and all of the people there make it such a pleasant environment to be in. I was almost sad to get my braces off. Having straight teeth is the most amazing feeling. I could have never imagined what a self-esteem booster it would be. I feel like I can do anything and no longer have to worry about how I look. Lisa Grant’s is such a friendly, convenient and high quality place to go. I would recommend it to anyone. There’s nowhere better than Lisa Grant Orthodontics.

best homewood il orthodontistJillian J.

Given the severity of my daughter’s under bite (sic), I was concerned that she would have to undergo an extensive treatment plan over several years with no guarantee of achieving a complete correction. After the initial consultation with Dr. Grant, I was certain that we had selected the right orthodontist. Dr. Grant thoroughly described that recommended treatment plan and provided an overview of other treatment options. She also referred us to a surgeon for a second opinion. Lisa Grant Orthodontics corrected the under bite (sic) and gave my daughter a beautiful smile. She’s taking mare selfies than ever. I would recommend Lisa Grant Orthodontics without hesitation. Dr. Grant is patient and accessible, and the office staff members are always professional, friendly, and service oriented. We couldn’t be more pleased.

best homewood il orthodontistShay B.

We didn’t know who was going to be the right person or how Grace’s teeth were going to be handled. The entire staff was great to work with. Grace smiles way more now her new smile changed everything about her. Lisa Grant Orthodontics has amazing staff, they always tell you what the are going to do or if the appointment is long of short but even if it is long they try to get you in then get you out. They don’t rush braces they wait till your teeth (sic) are perfect. They all show they love there (sic) job there. There’s never rushing they always take there (sic) time to make sure your going to be happy with there (sic) work. I’m very happy with how they treated Grace, They were always so kind and so helpful every time she was there. We had a great time going to Lisa Grant Orthodontics.

best homewood il orthodontistAlissa O.

Lisa Grant has been very helpful with explaining all of the procedures for my daughter’s braces. She was very young when she had an expander and top braces put on. She has had a great experience and little discomfort. The staff was always been friendly and helpful. My daughter doesn’t mind coming to the office but id very excited she is getting her braces off.

best homewood il orthodontistJennifer W.

We have felt so cared for and loved by the staff here at Lisa Grant Orthodontics. They have made this experience for our family absolutely so positive. My daughter is so grateful for the staff who makes her feel comfortable and excited for her new smile! THANK YOU!

best homewood il orthodontistKori S.

From the moment we talked to the staff at this practice- I know things would be different. We have had nothing but wonderful experiences since my son got his braces. Everyone is so accommodating and friendly. It’s relaxing and just all around fabulous. We are so happy we made this choice.

best homewood il orthodontistCathy K.

As a profession I work with some of the most sophisticated and well-known companies in the franchise industry. Universally, their main focus is to make their client experience as positive and engaging as possible. I’m often asked to give them benchmarks and comparable of companies the can measure themselves against.

Over the past two years, I have been so impressed with Lisa Grant Orthodontics. From the (courtesy and treatment) of their font office staff, to the care taken to create comfortable surroundings for all parties, to the professional follow up, Lisa Grant Orthodontics has been the example I’ve found myself using over and over.
They not only straighten teeth, they serve as an example to all on how to straighten up their business.

best homewood il orthodontistDan L.

Cost, length and pain was a concern but all made easy. Found staff to be always in a good mood and very helpful. Very nice office and comfortable. Experience in a whole was far better than expected. Thanks

best homewood il orthodontistMichael L.

We heard wonderful things about Lisa Grant Orthodontics so it was definitely our first choice when our daughter needed braces. We honestly weren’t disappointed. From the time we walked in, we were treated like royalty! My daughter absolutely loved attending her appointments and I enjoyed the nice and clean environment and choice of delicious beverages. I will definitely recommend Lisa Grant in the future and will utilize them for my sons (if they need braces).

best homewood il orthodontistKristi C.

I’ve been coming to Lisa Grant Orthodontics for a long while now, and every single appointment I’ve had was a positive experience. Although I am very grateful that my teeth look amazing now, I will miss coming in to the office. Every single employee made sure to say hello and ask how I was, no matter if they were busy with another patient of not. Not only is the service wonderful! Seeing as my teeth look much better than they did before, but the people here are even better. I truly recommend Lisa Grant Orthodontics to anyone considering getting braces or Invisalign- you wont regret it! Thanks ladies! You girls are all great!

best homewood il orthodontistLucas H.

The biggest concern for me was the cost of braces because I knew I needed them but at the same time didn’t want to add on to things my mother pays for. This was overcome by being able to pay for the services monthly. Knowing that I have nicer teeth honestly makes it easier for me to smile and show off my improved teeth. I would refer others to Lisa Grant Orthodontics because of how nice and friendly everyone in the office is, along with the great results you get with your teeth at the end.

best homewood il orthodontistJordan R.

I think the people and the atmosphere were great; they were always friendly and courteous. I love my results, they were always available to answer questions, and I would like to stay longer.

best homewood il orthodontistMariah

When I finally decided to get braces, I was also going off to college in New York. I wanted to find and dentist that was willing to collaborate with and out of state college student’s schedule. Lisa Grant Was PERFECT! Actually the entire “ Lisa Grant Orthodontics Team” is beyond AMAZING. I’m always greeted by my name, asked about my progress and there’re even genuinely curious about my endeavors. I’ve found my Tooth Fairies! I Love that the place is always squeaky clean. The lobby has a modern feel. Equipped with a self-serve Kureig (sic), a mini fridge with bottled water and an up to date magazine rack. You can chat with the patient next to you due to its arrangement as an open space environment. I find it very interactive. I’ve witnessed several people have their braces removed and is a complete joy. The patients are given a basket full of treats, sung a song by the staff and taken pictures of the glorious moment! I can’t stress enough how professional these ladies are at Lisa Grant Orthodontics. The patients that complete the cycle always walk away in complete “ AWE” of their new, white and straight teeth. I’m due in 2 months I’m so excited!

best homewood il orthodontistMayra N.

At the time when I finally considered braces I was 26 years old. Now I am 28 I wish I would’ve got them sooner. I was (Sic) I wouldn’t be able to afford my braces. I work at a school and only work on school days so my money is very tight. I met with Robin she’s very nice, smart, pretty and outgoing personality had me intrigued to learn more about Lisa Grant office. I found out about the office on Google and I was just trying to shop around and compare prices. But the entire staff at Lisa Grant Orthodontics is simply amazing. I love how Carly and Jessica remember everyone name. The entire staff ALWAYS have great attitudes. I was so embarrassed about my smile my top teeth overlapped & my bottom was crooked. Now two year later, my smile is more than what I could have asked for. And it was worth every penny. Your teeth and smile is the first thing a person notice and I’m wearing my smile proudly. I recommend Lisa Grant Orthodontics to anyone in need of braces. I was on a budget and a low monthly payment w/o dental insurance @ it was plenty of times when I couldn’t make my payment that month 7 asked for an extension & was always granted. I’m absolutely honored and proud to say I’m a patient at Lisa Grant Orthodontics.

best homewood il orthodontistMallory P.

My biggest concern with getting braces was that they would hurt because I didn’t really understand how they worked & I thought that they drilled holes into your teeth to put the brackets in. It was explained to me that they used cement to put the brackets on, not drilled holes, so I felt a lot better about it. My new smile makes me feel a lot more confident about the way I look. I would recommend other people because everyone is very friendly and make sure that you get the very best possible result and that you’ll have a smile you can be proud of.

best homewood il orthodontistAileen S.

I was concerned that Tiana wouldn’t be comfortable with the staff. The staff is really nice and they welcomes Tiana in with a big heart and smiles. I would recommend other people to Lisa Grant Orthodontics because their process and staff was really nice.

best homewood il orthodontistApril B.

My biggest concern was the amount of pain Justin would be in and the length of time for his treatment. The process has been minimally painful and we are still in the process, but I see great results so far. I would recommend LGO because they have the friendliest staff.

best homewood il orthodontistCorey L.

My biggest concern was the cost and payment plan. I too wondered if he really needed them, his teeth looked pretty straight. Dr. Lisa gave a very detailed explanation of the position of his teeth. And I was thankful that they had great payment options. My son is about half way through his treatment plan and I can see the difference already. I recommend Lisa Grant Orthodontics because you aren’t just a patient; you are part of the family.

best homewood il orthodontistRobin L.

My biggest concern was scheduling appointments. I am so please that the office is flexible and works with my schedule. Although my daughter isn’t finished yet, I would recommend Lisa Grant Orthodontics because they are honest, friendly and concerned about my child’s treatment.

best homewood il orthodontistFran C.

I thought I could never afford braces. I just knew it would take forever for them to come off and I knew my daughter would be in pain. This was all un true! I was offered a very affordable payment plan. My daughter was uncomfortable in the beginning, but she adjusted and she never complained of being in pain. Even though she had braces for almost two years, the process was very smooth for us with the entire staff. My daughter has a beautiful confident smile. I am so proud of myself for investing in the beauty of her teeth. I know this will bring her confidence in her life. The staff is great! Always professional. The appointments were always offered at convenient times, and my daughter was serviced in a timely manor. These are all reasons why I will be recommending Lisa Grant Orthodontics.

best homewood il orthodontistLaToya W.

Our greatest concerns were cost and overall effectiveness of the braces. Dr. Grant has very reasonable payment options. We were pleased with the financial process and the professionalism of Dr. Grant and her staff. The pain was manageable too. I would recommend Dr. Grant and staff because of the professionalism and personal touches. The thought that has gone into such details as phone calls to check pain levels to the welcome sign greeting you at the door, demonstrates the care and concern.

best homewood il orthodontistKimberly W.

For the first time since I was a kid, I’m able to smile without keeping my mouth closed! (Still getting used to that!) Thank You All!! The results were simply beyond my wildest expectations!! Were worth the time, effort and at times, the inconvenience of rubber bands, etc… The entire staff is warm and welcoming and work very effectively as a team.

best homewood il orthodontistDavid G.

My biggest concerns were pain, cost and length of time in treatment. The pain could be controlled with ibuprofen. There was a great payment plan. The check ups are not inconvenient. I am proud of my smile! My fire is brighter! I get so many compliments! The smile you give us is one that is remarkable. The payment methods help. The employees are sweet and friendly and the building is beautiful and welcoming. These are all reasons I would recommend Dr. Grant.

best homewood il orthodontistRenita S.

My biggest concern was how Hannah would adjust to braces. As you all know by now, she does not like anything different and she is extra sensitive. The cost was also a concern but more so how the next two years would play out. Everyone was so wonderful and patient with Hannah. I know she is a challenge. I know each visit was a struggle. I am hoping and the whole reason we invested in her smile is to give her confidence. It’s such a delight to see your child’s joy show in their smile. I’m hoping she will love to smile and show off her beautiful smile. Where to begin on the reasons why I would recommend Lisa Grant Orthodontics… Staff is so welcoming, friendly, warm, patient and caring. The mail and little gifts they receive are so fun. The office is comfortable and welcoming. The care you take with each smile is so worth it and appreciated.

best homewood il orthodontistAmy B.

I decided to straighten my teeth when I was 38. I was concerned about the reaction from family, friends and co-workers…and complete strangers, to someone at may age wearing braces. Another concern was cost/payment and length of treatment.

On my very first day I met Robin- one of the best patient care specialists I’ve ever had. She walked me through the entire process and laid out a simple, easy and affordable payment plan that fit my budget. And… I’m not sure if she planned this, but there just happened to be another patient in the office around my age, that was nearing the end of his treatment. His testimonial on how Ortho changed his Life for the better, and also sharing his before/after pics, was helpful in cementing my decision to move forward.

I smile all of the time now. Everyone notices how nice my smile looks and often comments. It is definitely a confidence booster when interacting with people on a daily basis.
The entire staff takes a great deal of effort to ensure patient comfort. Starting an Ortho route at my age can be a daunting experience. LG’s knowledgeable and friendly staff makes the process fun. The team’s infectious happiness at my progress throughout my experience made me feel better about making the commitment each time I visited.

best homewood il orthodontistJennifer M.

Cost was our biggest concern. After meeting with Robin we felt so much better. She explained every step we would have to do. She also explained how the insurance worked. We paid our out of pocket portion and the insurance paid the rest. It too off a whole lot of financial worries from us. This makes the next two years of treatment so much more exciting. Fidel cannot stop smiling and showing people his teeth. 2 years ago he had such a bad image of himself. Today his confidence is at 100% with his smile. Lisa Grant orthodontics is its own family, who welcomes in every new patient they get. Every time you walk in the office it is all smiles! We will definitely miss everyone when Fidel is all done with his treatment. We will talk about LGO to everyone and anyone who will listen!!

best homewood il orthodontistSonia S.

I learned about Dr. Grant from a student’s mother. Before I took Branden to Dr. Grant his teeth were so messed up that it interfered with his ability to speak will. But once he got his braces on his whole demeanor changed. Branden was more confident in himself and his appearance. I think his experience with Dr. Grant and her staff helped with this new outlook. Dr. Grant and her staff are phenomenal! They were the there to answer every question until I understood and addressed every concern Branden and our family had. We would definitely recommend Dr. Grant to anyone!

best homewood il orthodontistLawanda H.

The staff is friendly. Dr Grant cares about her patients. She gives back to the community. The office is elegant but comfortable.

best homewood il orthodontistCarol P.

nina-qWhen I first thought of getting braces for my children, I knew scheduling appointments could be a challenge for my already busy schedule. The staff was friendly and accommodating to our scheduling needs. We were able to make our appointments fit into our schedule, and I am looking forward to seeing their new smile. Dr. Lisa Grant was able to comfort my children along the way and I more than happy with the results. I recommend Lisa Grant Orthodontics if you are considering braces for yourself or child. They will make the journey comfortable and easy for you and your child. We have had four children with Lisa Grant orthodontics for braces.

best south holland il orthodontistNina Q.

From the moment I walked into Lisa Grant Orthodontics I knew I was in a very special, caring, professional setting. For instance, there was actually a sign on the reception desk welcoming me byname as a new patient! Throughout my entire experience with each staff member I’ve been acknowledged by name, with smiles and a professionalism that can’t be compared elsewhere in my medical experience. Staff is gentle during procedure which they explain as they go. There are interesting and lively incentives for patients and families and sparkling waiting and procedure areas that are comfortable as well as offering amenities.
The entire culture of doctor/staff/patient/family interactions at Dr. Grant’s should, in my view, be studied and copied in most other medical offices. For these reasons alone, not to mention the outcome of a beautiful smile, I would, without reservation, recommend Lisa Grant Orthodontics to anyone of any age.

best orland park il orthodontistSusan W.

teresa-mWhen I was first looking into getting braces, I was concerned about the cost and trying able to pay for the orthodontic treatment. I was also concerned about the length of treatment and wearing traditional braces as an adult. Lisa Grant Orthodontics informed me I was a great candidate for Invisalign. They made the payment options friendly to my budget and were very helpful the whole way through. Now that I have finished my Invisalign treatment I couldn’t be happier! Ive always been someone who smiles but now I have no reservations about smiling at anyone. Every visit as Lisa Grant Orthodontics was amazing start to finish. I was always greeted walking through the door, never waited from my appointment and the staff was extremely friendly. The staff treats you as an individual and not just a patient on an assembly line. They really are the best!

best flossmoor il orthodontistTeresa M.

latoneya-sI used to think testimonials were falsified; however when it comes to Lisa Grant Orthodontics, the positive testimonials are extremely true! My first impression of Lisa Grant and her team was awesome! When I walked into their facility, I was overtaken by friendliness, cleanliness and modern décor! When inquiring about Invisalign, I knew I was going to pay a lot for them, but Lisa Grant Orthodontics really worked with me. My monthly payments are well in my budget and it is debited directly from my account!

I always had a pretty smile, but with straighter teeth, it is even better! When you hear that your will have a confident smile after Invisalign, you better believe it! Lisa Grant Orthodontics offers fanatical customer service! I would refer Lisa and her team anytime!

best lansing il orthodontistLaToneya S.

sandi-rThank you for giving me a formal opportunity to let you know what a wonderful experience I had with your practice. In a nutshell, everything was perfect! Truly. Your physical space is beautiful: bright, clean, modern, and comfortable. I felt like I was entering a spa every time I came for a visit. Your employees are amazing, every single one of them. Whether I was there in person or communicated by phone, everyone was friendly, kind, cheerful, and service oriented. Especially on June 23, when I mistakenly showed up a week early for my appointment! In most health care practices I would have swiftly been told to come back the following week. Not so at your office. Without missing a beat, your receptionist told me they would happily see me that day. That is amazing and extraordinary. I also really appreciated that your clinical staff explained exactly what they were going to do before they did it. All this AND I got a great result! Than you for fiving me the smile that I always wanted, and should have gotten years ago. I want you to know that I have already sung your praises on Facebook. I will miss seeing you, and catching up with you and your family, and I am very, very, very Grateful.

best south holland il orthodontistSandi R.

lori-lIn the beginning, I was mostly concerned about the price of getting my daughter braces. I wasn’t sure how we would afford it. After the consultation, I was so excited. I knew I wouldn’t have to look in my daughter’s eyes and tell her I couldn’t afford to fix her teeth. I wouldn’t have been able to handle that. The payment plan with Lisa Grant Orthodontics was super simple and affordable. I didn’t even miss the money each month! Thank you so much form making this such a wonderful experience for my entire family. Haley’s beautiful smile is now exquisite and I know she feels much more confidant. I never felt inconvenienced and everyone on staff is wonderful. If your child or you need braces and you want the experience to be not only affordable but an actual positive and fun time, then go to Lisa Grant Orthodontics. You will not be disappointed!

best flossmoor il orthodontistLori L.

Before coming to Lisa Grant Orthodontics we had a terrible experience with another orthodontist who wouldn’t take our insurance and offered financing at 25% interest. Our experience at Lisa Grant was completely different. They happily accepted my insurance and offered great financing that made it very affordable. My daughter had terrible dental/orthodontic problems all through childhood. I was concerned that she would be in braces for many years or that the problems couldn’t be fixed. However, 2 years later my daughter has a beautiful smile that has increased her self- confidence. I have a whole series of school pictures where she kept her lips closed because she was ashamed of her crooked teeth. Now, she poses with a big smile, happy to let the worked see her beautiful smile. We couldn’t be happier and would recommend Lisa Grant Orthodontics to anyone.

best lansing il orthodontistKerri B.

bernice-jMy biggest concern was the pricing of the braces for my daughter. The payment plan was simple and affordable. My concern was easily resolved once the payments were started and the term went by pretty fast. My daughter is much happier now with the new look that she has and she feels more confident with smiling and expressing herself. I would recommend family and friends to Lisa Grant Orthodontics because of the excellent customer service at every visit as well as the office being modern contemporary and welcoming. All these things are important for customers to recommend and to keep coming back.

best homewood il orthodontistBernice J.

tiwana-n-alexis-kWhen I was first referred to Lisa Grant Orthodontics, I felt my pockets shrinking! Upon entering Lisa Grant Orthodontics, I was completely amazed at not only the décor but the friendliness of the staff as well. Knowing that this was a “ high end” establishment and it would be reflected in my final price. My daughter and I looked at each other like, we couldn’t afford this and we should go because we were way out of our league. We stayed and I’m glad we did! My consultation was phenomenal! We were explained, in detail, everything that was going to happen and what the cost would be. I couldn’t believe how economical getting braces from Lisa Grant Orthodontics were. I’m thankful they were able to work with my budget. She explained that my daughter might have to have surgery to correct her bite but if that was the case, Dr. Grant would let me know. As it turned out, she did have to have jaw surgery & Dr. Grant referred me to an amazing surgeon who did a terrific job! Now is the day my daughter finally gets her braces off. I’m so thankful to Lisa Grant Orthodontics for doing such an amazing job! Thank you for giving my daughter such a beautiful smile! She can’t stop smiling and showing her straight pearly whites! Working with me as a handful I know because I had plenty of questions! I appreciate each and every on of them being patient with me with the crazy schedules due to my daughter going to college out of town and all! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Lisa Grant Orthodontics!! GREAT JOB!! LIS GRANT ORTHODONTICS ROCK!!!!

best south holland il orthodontistTiwana N. & Alexis K.

My biggest objection was cost and how much pain my child would be in.
The day we met with Dr. Grant I was at ease. She explained the different options they had available for me which made my decision much easier to say yes to my son getting his braces and she has a beautiful spirit.

My son has more confidence now when he smiles.

This office is the best! No matter when I come to the office everyone in the office greets you with a smile and they treat you like family so whenever anyone asks me about braces I will always refer them to Lisa Grant Orthodontics.

best orland park il orthodontistLatasha E.

My biggest concern with starting my daughter on braces was the cost factor. When talking with Lisa Grant Staff, we realized a doable payment plan that was nearly maintenance free, with deductions right from my checking account each month. The orthodontics straightened Grace’s teeth and gave her amore confident smile. They also offered discounted whitening kits that were important to my daughter. Grace and I loved the friendly staff and the comfortable atmosphere at our visits we would recommend Lisa Grant Orthodontics.

best flossmoor il orthodontistJuli M.

camille-jWhen I first started I was concerned with the pain and the cost. I thought it would be too expensive and hurt very much. Once I began treatment my concerns went away. We had a subtraction from our bill and there was little to no pain! Through treatment I saw such a change in my smile from when I first started, to my smile today. I have no words to describe the wonderful feeling I have. I wouldn’t have gone anywhere else to have braces. I would recommend Lisa Grant in a heartbeat. They care about you here and are very personal! They are always ready to make you comfortable and make sure you are happy! I am so thankful for Lisa Grant!

best lansing il orthodontistCamille J.

Lisa Grant Orthodontics gave my son improved confidence and self-esteem by transforming his smile with braces. The offices gave me peace of mind as my concerns and needs were always addressed. Pricing was made very clear and payment was arranged to make it affordable. Scheduling was always mad easier by text ad or email reminders or phone calls. We were also able to work around school, sports and even had braces removed a couple of weeks early do to an out of state move. The care was consistently of the highest quality and a very timely manner. The office was always clean, bright and comfortable. Everyone on staff was always professional and caring. They work very well together to cover all bases. It was an incredibly positive experience for both myself and my son- who will now smile without worry!

best homewood il orthodontistDina and Joe D.

When my braces were removed, a bright smile filled the room. My experience with braces came with ease, as the happy and enthusiastic Dr. Grant and her staff helped me every step of the way. I remember getting my braces on and thinking, “What am I getting myself into!?”. As the months went on, I found I was looking and feeling better each time. It was always a good time when I would go in for my appointments and all of the staff members were very friendly and treated me with great respect. It seemed I had a family at Dr. Grant’s that I would visit every month. Not only did Dr. Grant do a wonderful job on my teeth, but the environment she created gave me the best comfort during my appointments.

best south holland il orthodontistPatrick L.

What an amazing experience we had with Dr. Grant and her staff. Everyone was always pleasant, professional and organized. The staff makes each patient feel special and comfortable. I cannot say enough to convey how great this office operates. My son had his braces on for two years and now the process is complete. The time went by quickly. I can not end without mentioning the payment plan that was available for us. It was very convenient and fit our needs, Many kudos to Dr. Grant and her associates.

best orland park il orthodontistHarrison B.

Dr. Grant’s office is a well-oiled machine where you can run in, have an adjustment, and drive away completely satisfied. It’s much like Delta Sonic. Dr. Lisa Grant’s office is like the Delta Sonic of teeth. Brace-a-licious!

best flossmoor il orthodontistSantago W.

Thanks to Dr. Grant and her lovely staff for doing a great job on my teeth! They are beautiful now! I’ve enjoyed my visits to the office and everyone is so nice and knowledgeable! Love you all!

best lansing il orthodontistAnita W.

Dr. Grant’s office, I love you guys! I’m always so excited for my next appointment, you all do a great job!

best homewood il orthodontistFrannie A.

Dear Dr. Grant and everyone else, thank you so much for everything! I look so different!! I’m sad I’m done now because that means less visits. Thanks again!!

best south holland il orthodontistIsabel S.

My experience with braces was not at all what I thought it would be. Before I got my braces I hardly smiled or really looked in the mirror because I wasn’t comfortable with my teeth, and I tried to hide it. Going to see Dr. Grant was the best possible thing I have ever done. With Dr. Grant’s help and that of her team members, I can now look in the mirror every second of the day. I feel great about myself and have better self confidence! Thanks to Dr. Grant, her crew, and my parents, I now have a “million dollar smile”!!

best orland park il orthodontistTabitha L.

I really enjoyed my time with Dr. Grant and everyone in the office. Everyone was always very friendly and made me feel at home. The office in general was just very welcoming. My favorite was how they decorated for every holiday throughout the entire office. As happy as I am to have my braces off, I will really miss coming into the office every month and being around Dr. Grant and everyone else in the office.

best flossmoor il orthodontistMichala K.

My daughter has had a fear of the dentist since she was two years old. I dreaded the day that I would have to face her to get braces as we have not been able to find an office to ease her fear. However, the first day we came in for an evaluation Robin, Cheryl and Dr. Grant not only explained exactly what she would get done, but they also made her comfortable with the process. They were patient, kind, and considerate. My daughter was not afraid to let them do their job and it made my life a lot easier and her a lot happier. Thank you!

best lansing il orthodontistDonna & Camari

Kevin’s orthodontic experience at Dr. Lisa Grant’s office went beyond professionalism. The entire staff treated Kevin as if he was family. Every procedure that was done to Kevin was thoroughly explained to both of us. He now has a beautiful smile to take along with him for the rest of his life. Thank you again Dr. Grant, staff and a special thank you to Robin. I will never forget the special note you wrote to Kevin after our initial visit. It meant a lot to me.

best homewood il orthodontistToni B.

It’s the end of a very long road from my first child getting braces (1999) to end of third child (2011)! You all have been so wonderful in supporting and guiding us through the process of improving our smiles and they love to smile. Your office has been such a friendly, positive place to visit. – Thanks to you all!

best south holland il orthodontistThe Sweeney’s

Both of my sons had great experiences with Dr. Grant. The flexible scheduling and payment plan was most helpful during the process. Quick and timely appointments were something I really appreciated. The staff is extremely friendly and professional making the visits enjoyable. The fabulous results highlight the superior skills of Dr. Lisa Grant.

best orland park il orthodontistPam Z.

My experience here at Dr. Grant’s office was great. I remember the first day I came in here in 7th grade and now I can remember the day I came in and got my braces off! I love everyone here and appreciate all the hard & great work they put in for giving me the perfect smile. The (deband) song was a good as my smile. I love you guys and thank you for everything!

best flossmoor il orthodontistChazz B.

My third child is now getting braces from Dr. Grant. They do a wonderful job making everyone’s smile beautiful. Most importantly, they are flexible and accommodating especially when emergencies arise. If you want quality work and a welcoming staff, try Dr. Grant.

best lansing il orthodontistLeslie S.

Thanks to Dr. Grant & lovely staff for the awesome smile that I now have. It has been a pleasure to come to an office where everyone is so nice and caring. Thanks so much!

best homewood il orthodontistTresa R.

My biggest concern before starting orthodontics was the cost and if my daughter was too young for braces. I overcame the objection because the braces were actually affordable. Lisa Grant Orthodontics explained the process to me and also let me know what to expect. My daughter’s smile is beautiful. Her teeth look fantastic. The investment was worth it. The staff at Lisa Grant Orthodontics is fantastic. They make you feel welcome and the office is immaculate. I also appreciate the outside events that Lisa Grant Orthodontics hosts.

best homewood il orthodontistTawana P.

Cost was the biggest concern and how much our insurance would pay. However, Our insurance paid the majority of the costs and the balance was easily taken care of with the Health Savings Account through my employer. Tyler has more confidence with smiling! Lisa Grant Orthodontics has been extremely helpful, responsive and professional from start to finish.

best homewood il orthodontistLydia R.

The biggest concern was the cost of the braces and I was also concerned about how long I would have them on. I had a job that allowed me to pay off my bill so it made it a lot easier. Currently I fell very confident about my smile and I am very pleased with the results. Lisa Grant is extremely community and family friendly. Every time I walk in the door I feel welcome. The employees are very friendly and I appreciate everything they did for me.

best homewood il orthodontistHenry B.

Our biggest concern was length of time and scheduling of appointments. We do not like to take Jarod out of school. After the initial consultation, the amount of appointments was not as frequent as initially thought and the duration of the treatment was not greater than two years.

Jarod is certainly smiling more! The experience has been wonderful. Everyone has been amazing, helpful, communicative and genuine. Throughout this experience we have not had one concern.

best homewood il orthodontistTina M.

My biggest concern was were the braces going to do what I needed them for? And would the cost match what I was willing to spend? I was able to take care of the cost issue with one of Lisa Grant’s promotions. Even though I decided to go a different route than planned I am sill glad I went ahead with the braces. Now I feel I am better prepared for the implants I need when I am ready for them. I would highly recommend Lisa Grant Orthodontics. The staff is great. The hours are very convenient and they work with you on putting a plan together that works for you.

best homewood il orthodontistAmanda K.

We were concerned that the cost might be prohibitive. The payment plan was very convenient. Looking forward to starting child #2. Max’s new smile looks great! We are very happy with the whole process and the staff is all wonderful!

best homewood il orthodontistKatrina P.

I would say my biggest concerns were pain and the length of time. Others who already had braces would tell me they hurt and I definitely didn’t want to be one of those people who are stuck in braces for years. Lisa Grant Orthodontics proved everything wrong, braces didn’t hurt one bit and I was only in braces for two years. My new smile gives me more confidence. Now I will show my beautiful smile all of the time. I would recommend others to Lisa Grant Orthodontics because I can guarantee that their overall experience will be amazing. When you walk in there is nothing but good vibes! The staff is always great and their main objective is to make you feel comfortable and welcome! I Love this Place!!

best homewood il orthodontistSamantha R.

Our biggest concerns were pain and length of time. Absolutely everyone in the office is so accommodating they knew Chloe was fearful and put her at ease. Now when she visits, it’s like visiting a friend. Her new smile has given her more confidence. I already recommend Lisa Grant Orthodontics to a few of my friends. I love the professionalism and the wait is never bad.

best homewood il orthodontistLisa C.

My biggest concern was cost, how to pay, ensuring that everyday life would impact usefulness. My fears were overcome in the consult and with the flexible payment plan. Parker is much happier with his new smile. I came here from a recommendation and I’d be happy to share the positive experience.

best homewood il orthodontistDawn G.

My biggest concern was scheduling and length of time. We worked out a schedule that helped me overcome the length of time and scheduling issue. I don’t have and overbite anymore and no gap between my teeth! I would recommend Lisa Grant Orthodontics because they are really good at what they do and they are really nice.

best homewood il orthodontistEmma M.

Being an adult wearing braces can be Annoying with all of the questions such as: Why did you wait so late. Also payments I was worried I wouldn’t be able to afford it.
The staff at Lisa Grant made me fee so comfortable and confident with my decision on getting braces. Also made payment arrangements that I could afford and keep up with. I’m smiling more already. I’m not embarrassed of my crowded teeth and I know that they are not only beautiful to the sight but are healthy as well.
I Love the Staff here at Lisa Grant I’m actually sad my treatment is over. Myself and my son has always felt so welcome on visits. For 2 years we have literally taken this journey together and I’m excited about my smile but sad I’m going because I will miss everyone here.

best homewood il orthodontistShawntel L. H.

We had no concerns because we had three other children in and one our of braces, all from Lisa Grant. Our family was very pleased. On a small concern we needed later appointments due to school and after school activities At the time there wasn’t enough seat for PM Appointments.
I spoke the staff which assured us when Loreli started treatment long with Lily, her sister they would be able to accommodate us for the the PM. With more staff and a second orthodontist on staff. We were very happy with the appts made.
Lorelei says “ I now can take selfies cause I have a beautiful smile” She has great pleasure in her new smile!
We can’t say enough about the great care along with the answers and satisfaction of whatever we needed or any of our children needed. The staff is more than willing to listen and fix and all problems. We are very happy to say I’m 54 and just started braces for me and I wouldn’t of, hadn’t Lisa and her staff worked with me.

best homewood il orthodontistThe Quinns

My biggest concern was making the experience as manageable and painless as possible for both of my kids! From start to finish, the Lisa Grant team has made the experience positive, pain free and manageable and always work with our schedule for appointments, Thank you! My kids fee confident about their smile now! Their braces are still on but they look better than ever. I recommend Lisa Grant To Everyone because the team is fun , friendly, positive and professional.

best homewood il orthodontistDana D.

My biggest concerns were cost, length of time, scheduling appointments and appearance with braces. Nominal pricing, ease of scheduling appointments, short time period that flew past. Also thought I looked great in braces! I typically walk around with a scowl. This has boosted my confidence therefore I smile more. The doctors, staff and the office is extremely warm and inviting.

best homewood il orthodontistGlenda G.

My concern was cost and length of treatment. They offered an affordable payment plan that fit within my budget. By following the dr.’s instructions I was able to shorten the treatment time. I finally have the confidence and smile that I have wanted my whole life. The doctors and Staff are friendly and welcoming. The availability for appointments made it so I did not have to take any time off of work.

best homewood il orthodontistSheri E.






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lisa grant orthodontics reviews on facebook

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lisa grant orthodontics reviews

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“Dear Dr. Grant and everyone else, thank you so much for everything! I look so different!!
I'm sad I'm done now because that means less visits. Thanks again!!”
- Isabel S. best homewood il orthodontist
*The reviews listed are from actual patients of Lisa Grant Orthodontics. Individual results may vary. Reviews are not claimed to represent results for everyone.
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