Traditional methods of taking impressions of the teeth are awkward and messy. It requires a putty material that patients have to bite into to leave an impression on their teeth. This process usually makes the patient’s mouth sore & leaves a bad taste for a while. So, to get rid of this messy process 3-D digital impression technique was introduced, Now let’s have a look at some of the benefits of 3-D digital impression.

6 Amazing Benefits Of 3-D Digital Impression Orthodontics

1. Highly Precise

Digital impressions are better in providing more authentic images of a patient’s teeth, making it easy for the orthodontist to know what to do about the whole treatment. Once the orthodontist has a 3-D impression of patients, they can create the best treatment plan to restore the orthodontic issues.

2. Easy

Digital impressions are much more comfortable to capture. A small wand-like device moves inside the mouth, taking accurate images later put together to create a complete picture of the inside of the patient’s mouth. 

3. Comfortable

They are much more comfortable for every patient. Orthodontists in Homewood understand that the impressions orthodontists used to take utilizing the material that would later harden in the mouths were not pleasant. But with the 3-D digital impression, the patient can relax and sit back while the wand does the job.

4. Better Quality

Orthodontists in Homewood use 3-D digital impressions because of their high & better quality. When compared with traditional impressions, 3-D digital impressions are much more precise. And that’s good news for patients because it means the treatment plan will be more accurate.

5. Time Saver

3-D digital impression produces impressions within 5 minutes on the screen. This system only takes 2 to 3 minutes to examine the teeth and bite to develop a 3-D model of a patient’s smile. Instead of using a tray loaded with a putty material, the 3-D impression technique, the iTero scanner wand, allows orthodontists in Homewood to map the boundaries and surfaces of the teeth without any error.

6. Cost-Effective

The 3-D digital impression is affordable as the traditional impressions using putty cost the same as the digital 3-D scanning. So, within the same price, patients get to see more precise treatment & can rest assured that the orthodontist will take every measure to provide a straight smile.

Sticky Impressionless Orthodontics

When it comes to orthodontic treatment in Homewood, you deserve the best treatment using cutting-edge technology in dentistry. At Grant Orthodontics, that’s what we seek to provide. 

Along with using the very best technology in our treatment plans, we also use cutting-edge technology in every part of our dental practice. Not only do we use 3-D digital impressions, but we use digital X-rays, also. It allows us to see what is happening in your mouth, down to the smallest detail. They also eject the smallest amount of radiation, so you don’t worry about radiation exposure.

3-D Digital Impression Technology In Homewood

At Grant Orthodontics, we are determined to provide the highest quality orthodontic treatment, paired with state-of-the-art technology and tools. Digital X-rays paired with digital impressions allow orthodontists in Homewood to provide the most personalized and complete care. And when blended with our careful treatment planning and professional care, your guaranteed orthodontic treatment goes very well.

Contact us today & learn more about the approach of 3-D digital impression we use at our dental office in Homewood.