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Don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself how others, just like you, have fallen in love with Grant Ortho!

Long before the pandemic, I have always told others about the exceptionally clean environment at Lisa Orthodontists. Presently, I believe that the staff at Grant Orthodontists have gone over and beyond in their efforts to keep everyone safe! This includes: how patients enter the building (calling from the parking lot), limiting items on the office counter, providing a new pen for parents to use and everyone wearing a mask! I am always pleased with the service and cleanliness of this office!

– Marileen Flowers-Cunningham

ingrid michael review

I am so very pleased with the care my daughters have received at Grant Orthodontics since the new COVID-19 procedures have been put in place. I was extremely skeptical of allowing my daughters to venture outside of the house for fear of them getting sick. But after calling and speaking with a reassuring representative, I scheduled the visits. Upon arrival, we sent a message indicating that we were in the parking lot. We answered some health questions via text, and my daughters were told when to come in. Although I didn’t go inside with either of them during their respective appointments, they told me that there were minimal people inside, that the hygiene and sterilization methods were top notch, and that they felt comfortable while inside, and received “first-class” treatment and care – as always! Rather than being sent out with paperwork, I was sent an email regarding the procedures done on my daughters and follow up treatment dates and procedures. I got my questions answered before even asking. It’s been about a month since the girls’ appointments, and their teeth are continuing to become more perfect, and they are both still very healthy. Thanks to the team at Grant Orthodontics for taking great care of my precious daughters’ smiles and health. They will be back!

– Melanie King

ingrid michael review

I can’t say enough good things about the staff at Grant Ortho!  They have stepped up their game to make us all feel safe during this crazy time.

– Sally Shireman-Zikas

ingrid michael review

The process is a lot faster than i expected. I feel like they do the same great work but make you feel safe to be there.

– Mayra Val

ingrid michael review

Before coming to Lisa Grant, I was so insecure about my smile. I hated it so much and I never wanted to show my teeth. The staff here was extremely helpful with finding a payment plans to make braces affordable for my family. The staff here are some of the sweetest people I’ve ever met and they really know what they’re doing. I got my braces off about 3-4 years ago and I’ve never loved my smile as much as I do now. They do a phenomenal job and the facility is amazing. Thank you so much!!!

– Kiyana Reynolds

ingrid michael review

GO is always professional and caring! They treat my daughter like a VIP! The safety measures taken during these times make my daughter and I both feel safe! The staff is amazing!

– Gloria Chavez

ingrid michael review

Always a pleasure, we have our second child now in braces with Grant Ortho and could not be happier. They are always so accommodating and great at getting us to understanding what our process is

– Brenda Tannehill

ingrid michael review

Grant Orthodontics treat their patients and their families like family. The ease of scheduling and flexibility has made our journey easy and stress free. I truly felt that my daughter was more than just a patient to them.

– Ingrid Michael, Parent

ingrid michael review

After seeing how super the services were at Grant Orthodontics, and the results for my daughter, Madison, I decided to become a patient myself!

– Ladweena Smith, Parent & Adult Patient

ladweena smith review

For the first time since I was a kid, I am able to smile without keeping my mouth closed!

– David Galen, Adult Patient

david galen review

It is such a delight to see your child’s joy show in their smile!

– Amy Beezie, Mother

amy beezie review

My daughter now has a beautiful, confident smile. I am so proud of myself for investing in the health and beauty of her teeth!

– LaToya Webster, Mother

latoya webster review

Working with some of the most sophisticated and well-known companies in the franchise industry, I have been so impressed with Grant Orthodontics. I am now using the Grant Orthodontics practice as a benchmark for other companies to measure up to, and improve their business!

– Dan Levy, Father of Child Patient

dan levy review

The best decision we ever made for ourselves and our children, was choosing Grant Orthodontics! Our entire family now has renewed confidence! Thank you, Grant Orthodontics, not only for our families smiles, but for your continuous contributions to the Homewood- Flossmoor community!

– Dave & Laura Galen, Parents of Jack & Cory

dave laura galen review

I love my braces! They are like accessories for my teeth! I will be sad when I have to take them off. I love getting to pick my colors.

– Sarah, Child Patient

sarah review

What an amazing experience! We started with a child who never thought she would have the “perfect smile” and after the braces were removed, she can’t stop smiling. Grant Orthodontics has boosted her confidence in a way I never thought was possible.

– Christine Mullins, Parent

christine mullens review

Grant Orthodontics gave our son improved confidence and self-esteem by transforming his smile with braces.

– David Galen, Adult Patient

david galen review

Thank you so much for changing my daughter’s life! You and your team are the most kind, warm hearted and most generous people Gabby and I have ever met.

– Barbara Goncher, Mother of Gabby, Smiles Change Lives Patient

barbara goncher review

This is office is simply the best! No matter when I come to the office, everyone greets you with a smile and they treat you like family!

– Latasha Ellis, Patient

latasha ellis review

Most people are afraid of hearing their children need braces because of how much it might cost. I have two sons in braces and they worked within my budget to offer flexible arrangements.

I just love it here…it’s like a home away from home!

– Marcus Harper, Parent

marcus harper

I could never have imagined what a self-esteem booster this would be. I feel like I can do anything and no longer have to worry about how I look!

– Jillian Johnson, Child Patient

jillian johnson

Grace smiles way more now and her new smile has changed everything about her!

– Alissa Opyd, Mother

alissa opyd review

One thing I love about Grant Orthodontics is that no matter what mood I was in, I always left happy because I love the family feeling I get when I come here.

– Aniyah Askew, Child Patient

aniyah review

The genuine care I’ve received is something you rarely see in a healthcare facility.

– Quinn Daniels, Adult Patient

quinn daniels review

Thank you so much for all you have done for me and my smile. You have inspired me to continue to give back in my community like you have done for me.

– Valerie Wright, Smiles Change Lives Patient

valerie wright review

I have no words to describe the wonderful feeling I have. I wouldn’t have gone anywhere else to have braces. They truly care about you and make sure you are special!

– Camille Jancosek, High School Student & Patient

camille jancosek review

I couldn’t believe how economical getting braces from Grant Orthodontics was. I’m thankful they were able to work within my budget!

– Tiwana Neal, Mother of Alexis

tiwana neal review

We have had four children go through braces at Grant Orthodontics and now it’s my turn! The friendly team went above and beyond to meet our busy scheduling needs! The journey is comfortable and easy and I am more than happy with the results!

– Nina Quinn, Patient, Mom

nina quinn review

The entire culture of doctor-team- patient and family interactions at Dr. Grant’s, should be studied and copied in most other medical offices!

– Susan Weinrebe, Adult Invisalign Patient

susan review

Our kids have perfect smiles on all their selfies, why shouldn’t I? After my friends and I noticed our teeth have shifted as we have gotten older, I decided to do invisalign. I now have perfect teeth and I love showing off my smile! Visiting Dr. Grant’s office was unlike any other experience.

– Whitney Finkelstein, Mother of Child Patient & Adult Invisalign Patient

whitney review

The payment plan with Grant Orthodontics was super simple and affordable. Thank you… for making this such wonderful experience for my entire family!

– Lori Lewis, Parent

lori review

Before coming to Grant Orthodontics, we had a terrible experience with another orthodontist. Our experience at Grant Orthodontics was completely different. They happily accepted our insurance and made the financing easy and affordable. My daughter now has a big, happy smile!

– Kerri Bradley, Parent

kerri review

My daughter is much happier now with her new smile and feels more confident smiling and expressing herself.

– Bernice Johnson, Parent

bernice review

From start to finish, the Lisa Grant team has made the experience positive, pain free and always work with our schedule for appointments. My kids now feel confident with their smiles!

– Dana Dolan, Mother

dana dolan review

I finally have the confidence and smile that I have wanted my whole life!

– Sheri Elliot, Adult Patient

sheri review

The entire team made my daughter Chloe at ease. Now when she visits, it’s like visiting a friend.

– Lisa Cain, Parent

lisa cain review

I smile all the time now . Everyone notices how nice my smile looks and often comments on it! It is definitely a confidence booster when interacting with people on a daily basis.

– Jennifer McDavid, Adult Patient

jennifer review

I am proud of my smile! My fire is brighter! I get so many compliments.

– Renita Streeter, Adult Patient

renita streeter

I would recommend Grant Orthodontics, because you aren’t just a patient – you are part of the family!

– Robin Latman, Mother to 3 Patients

robin latman review

My smile is now more than I could have ever dreamed for. It was worth every penny! My smile is the first thing people notice and I’m wearing my smile proudly!

– Mallory Pickett, Adult Patient

mallory pickett review

I am very grateful that my teeth look amazing now, but I will miss coming in to the office. My teeth look better than ever, but the people at Grant Orthodontics are even better!

– Lucas Habeeb, Former Young Adult Patient & Lawyer

lucas habeeb

Dr. Grant and her fabulous staff of Divas! I have never enjoyed office visits more! Such kind, professional, compassionate, understanding, humorous individuals are these women!

– The Walker Family

the walker family review

As one of the premier orthodontic practices in Homewood, IL, our doctors and team at Grant Orthodontics also provide 5-star orthodontic care to patients from Flossmoor, Tinley Park, South Holland, Lansing & Frankfort, IL, Dyer & Schererville, Indiana, and surrounding areas.

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