Avery is a 14 year old content creator from the south side of Chicago. Since a little girl, she has loved everything about The Arts… dancing and singing, with her passion being writing. Avery discovered her love for writing in 2018. She began to write a dramatic comedy, which she states is inspired by some of her life experiences. In Spring 2019, Avery filmed a short episode of her series, entering it into the Mustard Seed Vision Youth Film Festival. At this festival, she was presented with the Leadership award for her work. In summer of 2019, Avery established Inspired Melanin, a production company, with the aspirations of creating content that will tell positive stories about people who look like her. In fall of 2019, the young writer directed and produced the pilot episode of her dramatic comedy, while also creating and producing a short documentary. She has created two documentaries. Award-winning documentary short “Soul Train, Soul Change” was featured in a week-long virtual exhibit at the National Museum of African-Amercian History and Culture. Her very first feature-length documentary entitled “One Step at a Time”. Avery also is the host of the online talk show “Tensor Talk Show” which can be found on YouTube and Facebook. Avery is constantly writing and is finishing up the season of her scripted series. Along with embarking upon brand new journeys.