Have you recently started to use Invisalign retainers? Have your gums bled? Gum diseases are usually caused by bacteria entering the gums and causing an infection.

As long as you follow the instructions and guidelines, no Invisalign cannot cause gum infection. Gum infection is caused by bacteria in the mouth that make poisonous substances called acids. These acids can create gum disease, leading to bone loss and cavities and damaging the gums and teeth. It is crucial to note that there is no proof that Invisalign causes gum infection.

This blog from Grant Ortho will tell you about gum infection when you wear Invisalign.

How Are Invisalign and Gum Disease Linked?

Some people wonder if Invisalign can cause gum disease or gingivitis. Due to poor brushing, gum disease is usually caused by bacteria. Invisalign has nothing to do with its effect, as you are always required to clean your teeth, which can help you prevent it.

There is no gum disease or gingivitis. Your aligners provide easy cleanings. If you practice proper care, Invisalign cannot cause gum disease.

5 Tips For Dealing With Invisalign Gum Bleeding

  • Make Sure Your Invisalign Is Placed Perfectly

Ensure the Invisalign is placed and positioned correctly when inserting your aligners. It can put unnecessary pressure on your teeth and can feel uncomfortable if your aligners are not fitted perfectly against your teeth. It can pull your teeth into the wrong position. Therefore an improperly seated aligner can cause gum infection.

  • Remove Your Trays Safely

Improper removal of the aligner tray can wreak havoc on your smile journey. One common mistake can remove your trays from only one side, which can wrap the plastic and cause your trays to fit improperly. The trays can further irritate your gums and teeth when it works improperly. Therefore, take off this with care.

  • Avoid Crunchy and Hard Foods

Hard food can cause soreness in the gums. While wearing your new sets of aligners, avoid chewing hard foods. Usually, avoid foods like raw carrots, whole apples, and anything hard. Always try to eat soft food before you get used to your new aligners.

  • Get Treated By A Reputable Orthodontist

If you cannot eliminate the bleed caused by your Invisalign and none of the above options work for you, seeing a reputed Orthodontist might be your only option. Get treated and stop your main by talking with your dentist and explaining the problem.

  • Daily Clean Your Aligners

You need to clean the aligners even though you will wear your aligners for an average of one or two weeks. Otherwise, bacteria will build up, cause gum bleeding, look stained, and give you bad breath. Gently brush them with a soft-bristled toothbrush and clean your aligners daily by soaking them in cleaning crystals to prevent this from occurring bleeding. You must brush your teeth every morning and every night before bed.

This will help you avoid bleeding gum throughout the treatment. We don’t recommend Invisalign treatment for you if you can’t commit to regularly cleaning your aligners.

Get Expert Invisalign Teen in Homewood

Straightening your teeth with gum bleeding can be easy if you follow the proper guidelines. There’s nothing to stress about when obtaining an Invisalign treatment. The possibility of having a gum infection is very low or zero.

The Orthodontists are here to help you if you are ready to straighten your teeth and enjoy a better smile without gum bleeding. We are ensuring a complication-free, simple, and fast treatment. The dentists work throughout the entire process. They have years of experience in Invisalign.

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