Grant Orthodontics is raising the bar for what the orthodontic experience can be. It’s your choice… why settle for ordinary when you can choose extraordinary.

Many people can put braces on your child, but not everyone can give you that personal attention, that’s what makes Grant Orthodontics so special!

Janet Caldanaro – Mother Owner of Intense Conditioning, Homewood

This is the only place to go for orthodontic treatment. They are a first class facility with a first class team, offering affordable prices to fit any families’ budget! You will get the red carpet treatment when you come to Grant Orthodontics, thank you for a great smile.

Stephanie Contreras, Parent

The personal care you get here is above and beyond. The entire team made my daughter Chloe at ease. Now when she visits, it’s like visiting a friend. Grant Orthodontics is worth every penny!

Lisa Cain, Parent

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family fun discounts

Family & Fun

From your child’s very first visit, to their beautiful and transformative new smile, your experience throughout the journey will be personalized and efficient. Our multi-family discounts make starting your next family member in braces a breeze.  At Grant Orthodontics, you can’t help but feel the difference from the moment you walk in.

flexible financing grant orthodontics

Flexible Financing

Helping you achieve your dream smile is our passion. That is why we never let a dental problem become a financial problem. Our highly trained smile specialists work within your budget to create a payment option that you can feel comfortable with.

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Trusted Professionals

Transforming your smile requires specialists with years of expertise and attention to even the smallest of details.  You can trust you will be cared for by one of the highest trained teams in the country, utilizing the latest technology designed for comfort, speed and sustainability. Quality care and a joyful experience are at the heart & soul of Grant Orthodontics.

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