Invisalign Teen For Straight Teeth

Are you considering orthodontic treatment for your teen? While traditional bracket and wire braces are usually the most suitable options for patients at any age, persuading teens to deal with the transformation in their look, oral hygiene routines, and diet can be a struggle. Not to mention managing all those orthodontist appointments into your schedule. It’s the perfect time to talk to your dentist or orthodontist about Invisalign Teen in Homewood, IL. This treatment choice delivers more flexibility, fewer office visits, and a perfect smile after the procedure

1 – Easier to Keep Teeth Clean

It’s hard getting kids to brush and floss properly without adding physical obstacles to their success, such as brackets and wires. Invisalign trays are removable, so your teen can easily remove them, brush, floss, and replace them.

2 – No Modifications in Diet

With brackets and wire braces, you have to fear that your teen is eating hard candy every time they go out. With Invisalign, your teen can eat whatever they want, and you can stop worrying about paying to fix those impaired brackets and wires. Invisalign Teen gets created with keeping your kids in mind, so the cost of Invisalign treatment differs in each case. 

3 – Great for Busy Schedules

If your teen has anything to do every day after school and all weekend long? Fitting routine trips to the orthodontist into that plan can be an annoyance. With Invisalign Teen, your kids only have to visit their dentist every six to eight weeks for minor checkups.

4 – They Have Built-In Compliance Indicators

Many parents worry that, as they can’t see the aligners, their teens will not wear them as directed. The Invisalign Teen devices have built-in compliance indicators, making it comfortable for you and your dentist to tell whether or not your teen is pursuing their treatment plan. These indicators also make it easy for the dentist to modify treatment plans and get your teen back on route.

5 – Beautiful Smiles Throughout Treatment

It may be the most attractive advantage for your teen. Because the Invisalign trays are nearly clear & especially when your teen keeps them clean, your teen can smile with confidence throughout treatment. In addition to looking fabulous, the smooth, low-profile aligners are perfect for teens who take part in athletics as well as those who play wind instruments.

Meet the New Grant Ortho Team

At Grant Ortho, we offer the best Invisalign treatment for our teen patients, like the comfortable, cosmetically attractive Invisalign procedure. If you and your teen are prepared & want to know more about the treatment options you can visit our dental office in Homewood, IL. Our professional Invisalign dentists can make your smile look more straight & give your face an impressive look.  

Our Grant Ortho consists of staff that is professionally trained & equipped in using all the latest & state-of-the-art technology. Invisalign is truly a blessing for those who want to get straight teeth without even getting noticed. Contact us to book your appointment today. We’ll be glad to answer all your queries or schedule your teen’s Invisalign appointment.