How Long Does Teeth Whitening Take

It is common for teeth to become yellow or stained over time, but teeth whitening can give a smile to its actual brightness. Our dentists report that more than 38% of Americans are dissatisfied with their smiles. Getting teeth whitened is an easy & effortless process that can help anyone retrieve confidence in smiling.

Understanding Teeth Whitening

As with any dental procedure, it is crucial to comprehend the fundamentals of teeth whitening before achieving it. Understanding how long whitening takes, what is involved in the procedure, when to return for a second appointment, & can help a patient take the right decision for their teeth. Here is what to anticipate when looking to get white teeth and opportunities for correct whitening.


The time it takes to mend a smile relies heavily on the state of the teeth and the desired process for whitening. A tooth with stains may take a long time to whiten than a tooth that has only yellowed with age. Many discolored teeth will likely need more work than teeth with minor streaks. In addition, many at-home methods take more time than a method conducted in a professional dental office for teeth whitening in Homewood, IL. Even then, therapy may need multiple dental visits over several weeks.


No matter which teeth whitening therapy a patient prefers, each employs the same technology to make teeth dazzle. All bleaching agents have a certain quantity of peroxide. How quickly the teeth whiten is compared to the amount of peroxide in the bleach. An agent with a higher ratio of peroxide will whiten teeth at a rapid rate, but it can only be kept in the mouth for a brief time; otherwise, there is a risk of forming dehydrated, sensitive teeth. A dentist can recommend a patient on the appropriate timeline for every treatment.

Treatment Options for Whitening

There is a broad range of choices for teeth whitening. A patient can pick one based on budget, usefulness, the longevity of outcomes, or the number of applications. These are the most typical forms of teeth whitening.

Professional Whitening

A patient can book an appointment to get teeth bleached by a dental professional. This sort of treatment is usually speedy and can get finished in a single appointment. While long-lasting outcomes may need follow-up appointments, this is a good option for those who need quick whitening, e.g., for a particular forthcoming occasion.

Whitening Strips

Strips are an at-home form of therapy that anyone can accomplish. Generally, the strips get applied to teeth for an hour per day. The process may get reprised for several weeks to get desired results.


Using a tray loaded with a bleaching gel delivers flexibility in picking a whitening agent. Each person can select the strength of the agent and wear the tray for the allocated amount of time for that agent. To whiten teeth much faster, the tray can be worn for a maximum time.

Teeth Whitening In Homewood, IL

If you feel awkward smiling because of your stained & yellow teeth, get in touch with us. We can give you a new bright white smile at our dental office. Fill out our appointment request form to get teeth whitening in Homewood, IL, today!