Introducing Cameron, Michelle, Kate, Liam, Logan & Kammi! This close knit family are residents of Flossmoor! This is where Michelle & Cameron decided to plant their roots and start a family, and are they sure glad they did! The Nelson’s enjoy doing many things as a family. Like playing board games, Katan being a fan favorite. They are all about rock climbing and are looking forward to their first rock climbing trip this summer!

The Nelson’s love giving back to the community. Cameron & Michelle founded HF Robotics. Their nonprofit organization allows children ages 9-18 to design, build & operate robots. They have a competition team and 3 non competitive teams. Even when competing, they instill in their students the importance of teamwork with gracious professionalism. You can find them at the Homewood Science Center!

Another passion of the Nelson’s is MUSIC! All four of the kids play instruments. The two eldest, Kate & Liam, are both solo performers. Which means they travel to perform with all different groups of musicians. Liam plays the trumpet and wears Invisalign, so awesome! He has performed on the Harry Connick Show, Notre Dame basketball games, Chicago Bulls halftime show, and many local events. Kate is their classical musician, playing the beautiful violin. She has been in talent competitions, solo performer for the Chicago Youth Symphony, and performed at Notre Dame basketball games as well. Kate & Liam will be performing virtually in the upcoming Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra Rising Stars Concert in March. This is an annual concert that allows pre-collegiate musicians a performance opportunity. The two younger ones are following in their siblings footsteps. Logan is the Rock ‘n’ Roll guy, playing the drums and is a student at the local Melody Mart! Kammi….well she does it all. She plays the saxophone, violin, electric guitar, ukulele and sings! Michelle loves how Grant Orthodontics has worked with them to come up with tailored plans to fit the different needs of her children, which has allowed them to continue to pursue their passions while fixing their teeth. Multi-tasking!

Michelle is also in the running to become Flossmoor’s first female Mayor in the upcoming election on April 6th! She referred to Flossmoor as the “Community of Dreams”. Michelle is an avid runner and loves starting her morning running the streets of Flossmoor to see what neighbors are celebrating and what is struggling in the community, which inspired her campaign, “Run with Me”. Michelle’s knowledge of being a Civil Engineer has been the motivation behind her platform for improving infrastructure & community building. We are rooting for you at Grant Orthodontics, Michelle! Best of Luck!