Metal braces offer many advantages over other orthodontics treatments. Without wasting any time, let’s look at some reasons why traditional metal braces can still be a better choice over different types of orthodontic treatment. 

Strong & Stable

The smile after your orthodontic treatment will stay with you forever, so why not make it worthwhile? You should choose braces that won’t damage after a brief treatment duration and call for replacement braces. Other braces, like ceramic, are not that fragile, but they are still more likely to break if compared to metal braces.

The risk of breakage is exceptionally high for those who live active lifestyles involving lots of physical activities. Metal braces live up to every expectation & challenge and are likely to last the course of treatment.


Since some specific orthodontic treatments can cost a fortune, every penny you can get will satisfy your demand. Metal braces have an advantage since they are one of the least expensive orthodontic treatments. The comparative affordability of metal braces is specifically beneficial to those without dental insurance. Even if you have dental insurance, your coverage may not extend to orthodontic braces treatment or may only pay a portion of it.


Most braces are appropriate for specific types and degrees of teeth crowding. For instance, lingual braces placed on the inside of the teeth are only fit for petty teeth improvements. Your Homewood orthodontist will not advise lingual braces if you have severe malocclusion.

Metal braces have no such conditions; they can tackle all types of orthodontic issues. Whether your teeth are highly crooked or crowded, metal braces will help you in every situation. Orthodontists routinely advise those with severe malocclusion to get traditional metal braces in Homewood.

Fast Process

Orthodontic treatment usually takes several months to complete. Most people have to wear their braces for 18 to 24 months, but the duration can be as long as three years, not more than that. The specific period relies on different factors like the degree of malocclusion, how well you follow your dentist’s guidance, and even the type of braces, among other things. Metal braces have a benefit as they work relatively fast than any other type of orthodontic device. The treatment speed benefits those who feel awkward about the traditional metal braces.


Unlike Invisalign, the wearers of metal braces do not need to remove them every time they eat or brush their teeth, which often results in losing them. You also get a constant treatment until the shifting of your teeth is done. It can be an added advantage for people who do not want to compromise their food.

Great for Everyone

If you are thinking about metal braces, you must first know if you are even a candidate for it. You may be surprised to find out that anyone can wear them. Very beneficial for virtually anyone that needs orthodontic treatment in Homewood, including both adults and children.

Metal Braces In Homewood

Get a beautiful & straight smile with metal braces in Homewood. Align your smile with the oldest & the most effective forms of orthodontic treatment. Contact us to schedule your consultation at our dental office in Homewood.