It’s never too late to enhance your confidence and self-esteem by restoring crooked, crowded, or misaligned teeth! And sometimes for adults, problems that stretch far above cosmetic concerns lead them to orthodontic treatment. Whether you’re thinking of changing your smile for aesthetic goals or resolving persistent issues with your bite and jaw alignment, orthodontic treatment for adults can give a beautiful smile that feels amazing!

How Does Orthodontic Treatment Differ for Adults?

With orthodontic treatment for adults, teeth and jaws are moved into the preferred position just the same way as with kids and teenagers—in response to the delicate pressure put on them over time by their orthodontic appliances. Since the teeth & jawbones in adults are no longer growing, however, treatment may take a little bit longer than it takes for younger patients with thin bones.

What are the Choices of Adult Braces?

It’s never been more effortless to look good on your path to a great smile. With recent orthodontic progress, there are now more adult orthodontic treatment options. Many of these give useful, less apparent treatment and superb ease. Your Grant Orthodontist will consult with you regarding the treatment options that fit the best for you. So let’s take a look at the most common adult orthodontic treatment choices.

Invisalign Clear Aligners

The most popular treatment option is Invisalign for adults, which uses a 3D impression of your teeth to make a series of custom-fit trays that slowly move your teeth and jaw into the preferred place. If you’re worried about the visibility of your orthodontic appliances, then this most discreet way of treatment is the ideal option for you!

Conventional Metal Braces

Though the traditional metal braces as an adult may not be appealing to all, these kinds of orthodontic treatment for adults deliver outstanding outcomes and can be the most efficacious choice for specific types of orthodontic problems. Braces today are shorter and comfier than ever before, and more adults are preferring traditional metal braces based on the pace of orthodontic treatment.

Ceramic Braces/ Clear Braces

Ceramic braces are also a favored choice for adults who desire the advantages of traditional braces but want a less apparent treatment. Ceramic braces replace metal ones with tooth-colored brackets, same as your natural teeth color to become less apparent. Cleaning is especially important with ceramic braces just like your natural teeth, some foods can more readily stain the ceramic brackets.

Is Adult Orthodontics Worth It?

A perfect smile achieved through orthodontic treatment with adult braces or Invisalign clear aligners will deliver oral and general health advantages and better quality of life. An investment in adult orthodontic treatment is an investment for your long-term good health, also it will decrease the amount you’ll pay on dental & health care across your lifetime. You’ll get a healthier, more comfortable bite, avoid life-long discomfort, and want a confident smile for a lifetime.

Where can I Find Adult Braces Near Me?

If you are willing to have a perfectly straight smile, you must visit our dental office to know more about adult orthodontic treatment in Homewood, IL. Contact us to schedule your consultation now!